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Brush Your TeethLocated in the heart of Cobourg you will find a brand new concept in dentistry – an Independent Dental Hygiene Clinic! This concept allows you to have your teeth cleaned at your convenience in a relaxed atmosphere and at a reasonable cost.


In September of 2007 Bill 171 was passed which allows dental hygienists to work independently without onsite supervision from a dentist. In addition to dental cleanings, other procedures such as teeth whitening, desensitizing, fluoride application as well as fabrication of sports mouthguards are available at the clinic. Recent studies have shown that oral health is directly related to your overall health and well being. It is recommended that you have your teeth cleaned every 6 months to maintain good oral health.


Most insurance companies are now covering dental hygiene fees. Please check with your insurance provider for details. We follow the Ontario Dental Hygiene Fee Guide. Feel free to callIMG_2394 the office to inquire about fees and any services you may be interested in. Click on any of the above services for an explanation as to what they are.


No dentist? No problem. We have compiled a list of dentists in the area who are accepting referrals from our office. Working together is an important aspect of meeting all of your oral health needs. We strongly recommend that you see your dentist on a yearly basis for a check up and x-rays if needed.



Hi! My name is Mary Ito and I began my career as a dental assistant graduating from George Brown College. After four years of assisting, I went on to complete my hygiene training at Durham College where I graduated as a registered dental hygienist in June, 1992. In May of 2008, I opened the first dental hygiene clinic in Cobourg called the Northumberland Dental Hygiene Clinic. I am a lifelong resident of Cobourg and I bring 24 years of experience as a dental hygienist within Northumberland County to the Clinic. As well, I have the credentials of being director/instructor of dental hygiene programs in both Oshawa and Kingston. I offer my clients customized dental hygiene care. My goal is to provide my clients with high quality preventative care in order to prevent gum disease and tooth decay.

IMG_2398I am a member of the Ontario Dental Hygiene Association (ODHA) . I also sit on the Northumberland Oral Health Coalition. This coalition works to improve access to dental care for those in our county that cannot afford it or are unable to access a dental office. We work together with other Oral Health Coalitions across Ontario.

I believe that everyone should have the right to good oral health since it is such a integral part of one’s overall health and well being. I will provide enough time to listen to your concerns along with providing you with a good quality dental cleaning in a relaxed atmosphere. I believe that education is a big part of prevention and I will try my best to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Hi! My name is Sandy Burge and I have the pleasure of being the office manager/assistant here at the Northumberland Dental Hygiene Clinic. I am also a lifelong resident of Cobourg and I bring over 35 years of dental experience to our clinic. Mary and I have worked together for over 22 years now.

I oversee the organization and administration of the office as well as assist Mary when needed. I would be more than happy to book you an appointment to have your oral hygiene needs met in a relaxed, comfortable setting. Please feel free to call me at (289) 252-0232 if you have any questions whatsoever and I will do my best to answer them for you.